EC Pro – Grades 5 to 12

Main features of EC Pro include

This product is specially designed for all those science whizzes out there, who are sure about their path down the science stream post 10th grade.

With an 8 year licence period for the product, you can rest assured that every update in the syllabus will be available to you at zero cost.

EC Pro comes with a “Three at a time learning” system which includes

  1. Scientifically prepared notes
  2. Step by step instructions assisted using visuals
  3. Voice-over explanation by experts

These options combined increase the quality of teaching, and therefore assimilation by the students.

Questions and tests are available at the end of every chapter. These include

  1. Questions of various difficulty levels
  2. Questions selected by educational experts
  3. Most probable questions for exams
  4. Previous years’ questions
  5. Twisted, tough, tricky and indirect questions

All questions come with options for hints, step by step explanations as per the syllabus norms and the answers.

The unique trial and error mode of learning helps the students to understand where they need to focus their attention on, and therefore leads to better learning and memory.

The EC Pro also has preparation modules for Medical and Engineering Exams.

  1. Various National Engineering and Medical Entrance timed exams are included in the software
  2. Questions are framed for JEE Main, NEET and AIPMT Entrance
  3. Random questions are generated from over 70,000 questions
  4. Solved IIT questions are also included for the benefit of the students