Developed by IERT, India, EC2WIN is a learning software built to revolutionize the way subjects are taught and learnt in school. Carefully curated by a team of experts which include child psychologists, senior professors, scholars, and material from several best in class guides, this software holistically targets every kind of student, and every method of teaching.

EC2WIN is the only app in the market that is beneficial to all stakeholders involved – Schools, Parents, Teachers, and Students.

Schools can use the software to gauge how their students are performing compared to other schools, and take corrective actions at the right time. With a 1:40 ratio, a teacher will not be able to dedicate focused attention to every student in the class. With EC2WIN, every student benefits by learning at his/her own pace and style, thereby performing better in examinations and improving the overall ranking of the school.

Parents can now monitor their kid’s performance by giving them auto-generated question papers to solve.  Since the entire module is offline, they do not have to worry about distractions induced by the internet. This also saves a significant amount of money and time spent on tuitions.

Teachers can use the auditory and visual aids available in the software for better explanation of concepts.  With better teaching tools and methods, the percentage of students performing better in a particular subject will drastically improve, owing credit to the teacher.

Students follow a 5 Step Synchronous Learning System using the software.

  1. Pre-preparation using the software
  2. Learning and clearing doubts in the classroom
  3. Revision
  4. Practicing what they learnt through various types of questions and tests
  5. Exciting game format learning with hints, steps, answers and instant scores